Before you assume that an item is "useless, ridiculous, unnecessary," first ask yourself, "Could this benefit a disabled person?"
Harp, symbolic cheese mastodon (AP)
obvious joke at my own expense time:

sometimes, the thing that is useless, ridiculous, and unnecessary, ends up being a disabled person themselves! such as me

Content warning: asking for money for food

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Nextcloud actualizado a 21.0.2

Si tenéis algún problema con Nextcloud que no teníais antes, comentarlo
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Niko :verified: mastodon (AP)
Por cierto, ya funcionan los recordatorios y demás cosas que requieren comunicación via e-mail en Nextcloud 😊
Pybonacci mastodon (AP)

Tengo que actualizar mi nextcloud. Lo de los recordatorios del calendario es algo que nunca he conseguido que funcione. A ver si ahora lo consigo.

Gracias por la info 😃

lmao the IGN Youtube has a pinned message that says "Don't spam Pride it'll be deleted we are here for E3"
Ellie :verified: mastodon (AP)
if Pride ever interacted with E3 they would both annihilate and shower the greater Los Angeles area in gaymerons, a fundamental particle that's fatally toxic to the average gamergater
Jo Jerrica Decker mastodon (AP)
I dunno, folks, but that sounds like a big plus.

Maybe it can annihilate IGN too. :blobhyperthinkfast:

For the past year, ThinkPrivacy has been hosted by Namecheap as part of their start-up program, but our time in that program is coming to an end.

Anyone have any good, affordable VPS recommendations?

ThinkPrivacy makes no money. We don't sell ads, no affiliate links, etc. So all money comes from my personal finances (we get random donations here and there, but not enough to sustain it).

Any recommendations are appreciated!
kaalki mastodon (AP)

Content warning: selling board games, USA only

Microsoft Windows Defender impide instalar qBittorrent. «Contiene comportamiento potencialmente no deseado».
Josu mastodon (AP)
Jeje. ¿No deseado por quien?

Because I'm queer and all, I'm running a sale on my books for Pride!!!

Everything is 50% on

I'm also running a 50% sale on everything in the Luna Station Press gumroad store (including all issues of @lunastation!):

coupon code: pride2021

(Anything purchased on itch goes to me, anything on gumroad goes to @lunastation)
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Copiando videos de Peertube!! A saaaacoo! 💪 @fediversetv #EstamosDeMigración
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jla mastodon (AP)

Bravo #fediverseTV

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elbinario pleroma (AP)
Mensaje Urgente de Emergencia

El Binario necesita de tu ayuda para seguir sosteniendo su servicios.

Estamos entrando en fase critica con los fondos comunes que utilizamos para sostener todos nuestros servicios, es por eso que recurrimos al a comunidad pidiendo su colaboracion para que este proyecto continue.

Si te gusta lo que hacemos y te gustaria que hagamos nuevas cosas, te invitamos a hacer un aporte.

Para mas Info:

Emily L'Orange mastodon (AP)
So uh just to warn the new folks sometimes I unironically draw duck people hi 👋

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

If you're #AntiCapitalist, then this site is for you - especially for those who want to deepen solidarity amongst #Black folks
I love to see stuff that does proper reporting on "race blindness" in data. :blobblocraccoon:

Scorpia mastodon (AP)
Redrew an old piece I did of max!!
(and the original)

Lucho Ferrer mastodon (AP)
¿Saben de algún material/recurso pedagógico/didáctico relacionado con la producción de juegos en el aula?
Donde estudiantes hacen algún juego para reflejar algunos temas/conocimientos. 2do año secundario (= si no es para ese año y como recurso es válido también está bueno)

As Modi govt banned Amnesty India, now they are tweeting from Intl. account about IT Law.

Waah Mudiji waah, taking us global for every wrong reason every effing day.


The Indian Government's newly implemented I.T. rules threatens human rights. It must be immediately withdrawn.

A thread 👇


Peter Krautzberger mastodon (AP)

Content warning: browser extension, accessibility everyone

josef mastodon (AP)
wrestlemania 24 was the only WWE ppv to be released on the UMD format
josef mastodon (AP)
watch ric flair get retired on your sony PSP
me @ my psp: i'm sorry. i love you.

*twists the PSP slightly so the UMD shoots out of it*

Sorry for the late post this week. We've been having a heatwave. Not great for someone who can't thermoregulate. 😛
Here's the second portrait of this lovely, tabby boy! I'm especially pleased with this one. It took quite a while to get the shadows dark enough, but it was worth the struggle.

#mastoart #watercolor #traditionalart #cats
A watercolour portrait of an orange tabby cat being pet. The cat is laying on it's back and facing the viewer. The hand is scratching the cat's chin. The cat is painted in a rainbow palette with a yellow, orange, and red face; and a pink, purple, and blue body. It has a green nose and green eyes. The hand petting the cat is in grayscale.

johannes mastodon (AP)
Idea: An RSS reader that is capable of syncing state across devices without a central server, by using conflict-free replicated data types.
trashHeap mastodon (AP)
johannes mastodon (AP)
that looks very interesting, thank you!

Siph :ragelove: mastodon (AP)
This sounds like a hot take but it’s really not in my mind: queer solidarity isn’t a zero-sum game, cis gay men are still oppressed against. Just because they still have a considerable amount of privilege and that they, like anyone, can be oppressive, doesn’t mean that homophobia from whithin queer spaces themselves is okay or remotely tolerable
Siph :ragelove: mastodon (AP)
(reposted this cause I wanted it to be public and accidentally left it on private)
TrechNex mastodon (AP)
you are right. Different parts of the LGBT+ community can be guilty of horizontal oppression against each other. The only people that benefits are bigots that want to pit us against each other as a way to roll back hard-won rights and block progress.
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Human Rights News mastodon (AP)
Amnesty International: "In Ontario, Canada, four members of a Muslim family were killed by a 20-year-old man. Police said they were targeted because of their faith.

We firmly oppose all forms of Islamophobia and condemn all acts of white supremacist racism and violence against Muslim communities.

[:tw: — #humanrights #news #bot]

Guna :im: mastodon (AP)

Annika Backstrom mastodon (AP)
a tiny eclipse
pinhole projection of a partial solar eclipse onto a piece of paper
oh crap, I missed that one :/

Hiraiguille mastodon (AP)
j'ai fait un hérisson en peluche

pour commander celui là :

pour en commander un avec des couleurs différentes (SAUF la fourrure qui sera la même) : (ou si jamais l'autre est déjà parti)

18cm de haut, 40e !

RT appréciés ❤
un hérisson en peluche, le dos est en fourrure pour simuler des épines. il est blanc cassé, avec les pattes, le coprs, le museau et l'intérieur des oreilles en gris clair.

Aloe Slasher mastodon (AP)
Is there a mastodon frontend that displays posts in a blog fashion?

I am following the development of GoToSocial (cc @dumpsterqueer) with interest and am thinking about using it for long posts since it has the privacy features I am missing on and plume.
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eventually (once I've got the basics sorted) I want to implement a template system so users can choose per post how they want something to be displayed when you to the URL for the post: as a gallery, blog post, toot, something else. But it'll be a while before I'm there, have some fundamentals to tweak and implement first.
Aloe Slasher mastodon (AP)
Those are pretty neat ideas but hey, you have a lot of work with the backend already!

If the API allows me to get the content of a post, that should be enough for me as a start. Especially if the markdown syntax is supported (but maybe that something to deal with on my hypothetical frontend).

Anyways thanks a lot for the work you are doing.

A diverse community that's safe for as many people as possible cannot be safe for bigots. You do not need to tolerate bigots in your community spaces.

Estoy haciendo unas repisas para plantas, pero quiero hacerlas con ensambles fuertes. Va uno de los triángulos. #carpintería
Repisas con un armazón triangular, todo nomás atornillado.Triángulo de tiras de maderas ensambladas a caja y espiga.Unión de caja y espiga.
Pausa para enseñarles nuestros chayotes.
Chayotes colgando de la enredadera.
arturomf94 mastodon (AP)
se ven chingonas! 💪

💮 mastodon (AP)
commission from and aaaaaaAAA this might be one of my favourite commissions ever hghfgh

Content warning: rent/utilities begpost

skrlet13 friendica
Where are the non-binary wrestlers?

JordiGH mastodon (AP)
So I just had to do an IP address dance to watch my aunt's interview from a Mexican TV broadcast.

I finally (thanks @chuculate !) was able to see it on YouTube. But it was region-locked to not show up in the Canada? For some reason it was fine from almost every other country. Using a proxy from Poland worked.

What the heck, why specifically ban Canada?
JordiGH mastodon (AP)
So anyway here she is being interviewed on Mexican public television.
My 100-year-old aunt being interviewed
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this is a silly question (though btw I like the art in the background) what is the interview about?

I assume part of it is the whole being 100 thing, but like, is your aunt a children's book author that everyone respects (is your grandma Beverly Cleary)

Sorry, I feel like I sound like an asshole asking this, but I'm really curious
JordiGH mastodon (AP)
Huh, not an asshole at all.

My aunt's a small-time author. She's written several books, but as far as I know, none of them had had wide appeal beyond my extended family. I think she's a really good writer and she has written some really good children's stories (one of my favourite is a science fiction story she wrote with my dad about a boy who gets setn to Mars), and I guess you don't get to live to 100 without having some stories.
oh that sounds really fun!
JordiGH mastodon (AP)
I don't know if there will be a good recording of the interview somewhere I can share, but they ask her about her life, and she talks about famous people she's met, people she's loved, books she's written, artists she posed for.

She calls this wall of portraits in her apartment her egothèque.
My aunt's apartment
the egothèque is the best, your aunt is the best

Thomas mastodon (AP)
MastoPurge 1.2.0 is here! 🎉

After a long time I finally reserved some time for PR merging and testing and managed to create release 1.2.0 😀

... with the following new features:
* Pinned posts are not deleted
* Non-interactive mode available for automation
* Dry-run mode available

#mastodon #mastopurge
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I heard y'all like cat photos 👀🐈☀️
A black cat looking very judgmental on her window perch.She looks down at all the people passing, unaware of their inferiority to her sublime existence.Cat may have seen a birdGotta keep those paws clean, she lick lick

PiensaPrensa friendica
Desde hoy está disponible el Pase de movilidad. Piñera "Este pase de movilidad será digital, dinámico y dará mayores libertades de movilidad a las personas que vivan en comunas en fase 1 y 2, y permitirá viajes entre regiones para personas que vivan en comunas en fase 2"

skrlet13 friendica
No le dí gracias al Arturito por el feriado :c

phryk✅ mastodon (AP)

Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via #bittorrent?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!

Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!
Poster of the raven from the Sci-Hub logo perched atop the ruins of JSTOR, Elsevier and Springer tagged "To remove all barriers in the way of science!"
Meph mastodon (AP)
Alexandra commented to the topic.
This toot links to a telegram post.
(Deepl, gives a roughly good translation.)

TLDR: She sais Sci-hub is not in danger. But backups are always good.
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phryk✅ mastodon (AP)
Good to know, tho Alexandra could probably practice better communication.

To the best of my knowledge she gave no explanation for why the document exfiltration network has stopped working.

Then she posted the thing about the FBI requesting her data from Apple and far as I can tell just went AWOL for almost 2 weeks.

Really no surprise that people started worrying and until we know what's going on at her end I'm sleeping way better with the added redundancies we have through this op.

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