I discovered this amazing website to try out pronouns/names in English! :amaze:
You enter your name and pronouns in the form (there's a huuuuuuge list of possible pronouns right underneath), and then it generates a text talking about you.

You even have excerpts from novels (like Alice in Wonderland) but set about you (hence, for me, "Azaliz in Wonderland").

(pic of the website with bright green colors)
The website is called Pronoun Dressing Room. It has a form with "pick your pronouns" on the left, a "pronoun closet" (list of pronouns) underneath it, and some text on the right.<br><br>The generic text for me (name Azaliz, pronouns she/her/etc, type of person: person) is:<br>"Hello! Today I met a person who goes by Azaliz. has a wonderful personality. That smile of really makes me happy. I could talk to all day although doesn't talk about much. I wonder if day has been wonderful. I hope so!"