Pushcx removed my dork web post from lobsters on the grounds of self-promotion, so I won't be posting TFTDW on there anymore.

He's deleted a few of my posts over the past few days and came across as fairly aggro in the message, so I'll take a break from there for a while.
I've participated in a few threads on self-promotion because it's something I want to avoid. I don't post TFTDW link roundups for example because I don't think that has value to lobsters users.
The reason I post TFTDW on lobsters in the first place is because other people post elsewhere (e.g. HN) which is really cool, but if I post it on lobsters I get reply notifications on comments so I can join in more easily - If someone else posts it I might miss the discussion for example.

#| Honduras supera 90.000 casos de COVID-19 y más de 2.500 muertes.


🎶 look at this photograph :blobcatpicturebook:
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watercolor in progress, a tabby cat sleeping on moss and ivy leaves
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Mastodon help. I need to search through my old toots. I think I vaguely remember a few words I used in the toot that I made several months ago. The Mastodon UI does not make it obvious how to do this. Do we have the technology?
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I think the best way is to just download a takeout and grep.

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Content warning: doctor recommendations? (King County, WA)

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Content warning: doctor recommendations? (King County, WA)

Kistaro Windrider mastodon (AP)

Content warning: doctor recommendations? (King County, WA)

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# | "El diálogo para proteger a nuestro pueblo es primordial que se acaben los conflictos, que se acaben las pugnas, las sanciones y el bloqueo ¡Vamos todos a trabajar por Venezuela!". Winston Vallenilla, candidato por voto lista.


# Homenaje de despedida a Anibal Villarroel, asesinado por la represión policial del gobierno de #. Población La Victoria.,Pedro Aguirre Cerda

Das EU-Parlament bilanziert ihre Amtszeit. Es fehle an Transparenz, an Engagement für den „European Green Deal“ und ein krisenfestes Budget.

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Antiboys deserve the best!

PSA: If you get this "ad blocker interference detected" message that stops you accessing some websites.

add, _sp_.mms.startMsg)

as a custom filter in Ublock Origin, replacing with domain of whatever site is being blocked ( also do this) - then you will be able to read the sites (incidentally its only in English that they claim they don't mind you using adblock, other languages are just a demand to turn it off)
AD BLOCKER<br />INTERFERENCE DETECTED <br /><br />Thank you for visiting this site. Unfortunately we have detected that you might be running custom adblocking scripts or installations that might interfere with the running of the site We don't mind you running adblocker, but could you please either disable these scripts or alternatively whitelist the site, in order to continue. Thanks for your support! <br /><br />Ein Adblocker unterbindet die Funktionsfahigkeit dieser Seite. Bitte deinstallieren Sie den Adblocker oder setzen Sie diese Seite auf die Whitelist. Vielen Dank. <br /><br />Votre adblocker empéche le bon fonctionnement de ce site Veuillez le désactiver ou placer ce site en liste blanche. Merci <br /><br />(and other languages - the OCR doesn't detect them reliably)
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one of the annoyances lists in ublock seems to block it
spooky otter.php pleroma (AP)
adguard one apparently

Amigues como saben desde que el Club nació, difundimos Software Libre y todo aquello que este vinculado al mismo, ademas pensamos que el Movimiento no es solo Ético, Técnico, sino también profundamente Social. ¿Podemos pensar en construir una mejor Sociedad, mas Libre si las necesidades básicas mínimas de un ser humano no están resueltas?

Content warning: covid, HP

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Content warning: covid, HP

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Heraclitus: The only thing that is constant is change.

are pronoun hairclips a thing bc if not they should be
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Beneficiadas 8 mil familias con activación de pozo en municipio Maracaibo en el estado Zulia


Hoy debido a la Pandemia que nos atraviesa nos es imposible poder (momentáneamente) seguir usando las instalaciones, pero sí nos parece importante seguir colaborando en la difusión de actividades, revelamientos que llevan adelante o en la administración de sus plataforma Web que gracias a la colaboración de varios compañeres del CSL pusimos en marcha.

Es por este motivo que me gustaría pedirles si nos colaboran compartiendo este informe que realizaron en conjunto La Asociación Migue Bru y Ciudad Sin Techo El informe muestra claramente como en la Ciudad mas rica del país, tenemos una gran cantidad de compatriotas viviendo en la calle. Desde ya muchas gracias.

Mehr als eine Million Rohingya sind aus Myanmar geflohen und harren nun meist in übervollen Lagern aus. Bei einer Geberkonferenz kamen 507 Millionen Euro zusammen für die größte staatenlose Gemeinschaft der Welt. # # # # # # # # #

# #

I've been doing some more practicing using a limited palette of colours, different levels of lightness to heaviness of colour, and different shades of blending.

I'm mostly happy with the overall look, apart from the 3 hanging flowers in the main panel, which I think I did the edging/lines too dark. It was fun trying to try out different looks with just a few purple and green pencils.

# # #
A page from a colouring book with flowers and leaves in a mixed sized block levels and panels. The colours are different shades of greens and purples. Different styles of blending and layering have been used, with some areas coloured in darker than others. For example, the flower on the left panel is all the same pencil, just using different levels of lightness and heaviness, and blending. The lines around the panels have been coloured in, in a dark purple.
Focus on to panels of purple flowers and green and green-yellow, leaves.
A small panel of three individual flowers. The top flower has green petals and a purple centre and the other two are mainly purple with some green.
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Actualizados los feeds en #. Echa un vistazo a las novedades en este enlace:

Creemos profundamente en que los cambios para tener una sociedad mas justa deben venir, no solo de la mano del Estado, sino también de la poblacion que muchas veces abrumada por sus propias necesidades mira para el costado. Desde hace 2 años el Club tuvo su sede principal en La Casa de Cultura y Oficios Miguel Bru, @lucaszelko nos vinculo con ellos y Lucas Mcguire, Coordinador Principal que nos abrió el espacio.

Die bislang größte Cyber-Attacke gegen den Bundestag bleibt nicht ungestraft. Die EU verhängt jetzt Sanktionen. Die Betroffenen kommen alle aus Russland.

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:owi: 😍😍😍

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Mi mente no funciona cómo la de la gente "normal"

Mariano Rajoy
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Quoth Sheldon Axler in Linear Algebra Done Right:

> Unfortunately no method exists for exactly computing the eigenvalues of an operator from its matrix.


I guess he means that in general eigenvalues are roots of a polynomial, which have no solution by radicals?

He also is trying to avoid determinants and characteristic polynomials in his book, so maybe he considers the charpoly to not be "from its matrix".
pretentious7 mastodon (AP)
shoot him an email, or post a comment on his youtube.

Nice guy. I have very bad memories of that book and its associated class though.
JordiGH mastodon (AP)
Oh? Tell me about the bad memories.
Well some purists might even say that no known method exists for computing square root of two exactly.
JordiGH mastodon (AP)
Drop the "known" there before some crank sees it and decides to try to prove us all wrong. 😁
pretentious7 mastodon (AP)
I took it with a very, very good professor, and he drove right into tensors and such in his first class and gave us this really weird handout that I couldn't make head or tails of. And the ta was a putnam guy, so the recitations were also above my head. I was barely treading water. Then covid happened, and I drowned.
JordiGH mastodon (AP)
Oh boy, this is recent! What a weird way to toss you straight into the deep end.
pretentious7 mastodon (AP)
to be fair, we were warned, this was the advanced seminar.

Turns out I wasn't so advanced XD
JordiGH mastodon (AP)
It wasn't your first time seeing linear algebra, was it?

I remember other linear algebra tragedies too when I was in school. I think we were using Dummit and Foote, or at least that was the recommended text.

Der Umgang mit einem umstrittenen Zeitungsbericht hat in den USA für eine Kontroverse gesorgt. Die Republikaner im Senat wollen nun Antworten.

Entwickler sollten eng und enger mit ihren Designern zusammenarbeiten. Doch wie können Entwickler Freiraum geben und sich zugleich herausfordern lassen?

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FIDH: **Andorra: Threats and judicial harassment against Ms. Vanessa Mendoza Cortés**

"AND 001 / 1020 / OBS 114 Judicial harassment / Threats Andorra October 22, 2020 The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a partnership of FIDH and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT…"

# # #

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Maximum CD - January 2000

The 20th Issue of Tales From The Dork Web is now up. Towards A Solarpunk Future discusses our escape from today's Cyberpunk dystopia into the bright green future of tomorrow:
rkmetzl mastodon (AP)
yes! This is great. I always enjoy reading TFTDW.

Seit seiner Flucht lebt Edward Snowden in Russland. Nun muss er sich nicht mehr regelmäßig um eine Verlängerung der Aufenthaltserlaubnis bemühen.

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let’s say a bit of water got into the front USB ports of my PC, but i turned it off soon after. are they fucked? is there a chance they could be fine after drying?
regular codl mastodon (AP)
they'll likely be fine. there's no active circuitry at that end so it's kinda the same as if you dipped the end of a USB cable in water
capra demon mastodon (AP)
even if there was something plugged into one of them?

Diario La Quinta mastodon (AP)
Apoderados de colegios particulares pagados y subvencionados piden a autoridades asegurar matrícula a estudiantes morosos por pandemia

Musik aus Zeiten der Pandemie: „Song Machine. Season One: Strange Timez“ heißt das bissige neue Album der virtuellen Band Gorillaz.

Made real progress on # this morning.

Thinking more and more that spending time writing both fiction and nonfiction every day is a mistake. I'm losing productivity by context switching.

Context switches used to be fine. I suspect 2020 stress is the underlying issue.

But still, perhaps alternating months between fiction & nonfic might be more productive.
Current 93 mastodon (AP)
My ability to context switch has gone to hell this year. Not sure if that’s the fact that I’m approaching 50 or 2020. I’m blaming 2020 because I want that to be the reason.
cries in can't cook multiple different meals in a day
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