That reminds me, I should actually attend BlackHat at some point.
If you ever want to go SummerCon (one of the oldest and smallest hacker conventions) I know one of the guys who sets it up. Just say, “Jimbo said I could come in”.

You... you are an incredibly interesting and well connected human. I asked questions of you once, and I may have been off a little, but clearly not by much.

You are a fascinating entity out here, in the ether. I’m glad you are here.

Summer on has been something that has eluded me since I was a teenager... it is a con of mystery and fascination for me.
online this year! One less trip to Vegas.

ah okay it's time to cry about video games

(ffxiv ShB spoilers)
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shb has a lot of parts where i'm just like... wow, you just buried that dagger straight into my heart didn't you. could you maybe try to not twist it so hard. dang.
this and that "you are still a good person" bit of the Lv70 DRK journal are really hitting a particular spot that makes me cry very hard
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you can REALLY TELL that the lead writer for drk then was the lead writer for shb

i would love to get her autograph someday and tell her how much she's made me fucking bawl like a baby

technically i have drk over 50 on janine but she just. does not fit the tone. it is pure comedy lmao. i'm working on my angry angry viera being a dark knight next bc it actually suits her quite a lot, as opposed to janine in the full manderville outfit standing next to fray moogle dancing
janine as a drk sounds like your anakin skywalker
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i mean. i do have a version of her in my head, for that little exercise of "what would your character be as a boss battle"

but she's a nerd, she doesn't do big sword. if she breaks bad, it's because she's going to be digging up the grave of her dead lover in order to summon him as a primal (a false god sort of diety), because as a summoner, she uses the imprints of primals to make little versions of them under her control. and she thinks that if she does this to him, then they won't be apart anymore. at least some tiny sliver of him would still be beside her.

....there's an art piece of like 5 years ago where i started drawing this and then rapidly lost steam lmfao
"you are still a hero, you are still a good person" and "for those we have lost, for those we can yet save" both hit real fuckin hard after like 8 years of buildup, goddamn
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like between the DRK storyline and ardbert's whole situation and like all of ShB it turns out "am i REALLY SURE i did the right thing" is infinitely more nerve-wracking than any giant monster

this game got really fuckin heavy in the last couple years
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it's heavy but also... REALLY FUCKING GOOD.

as much as i like ARR actually, and as much as i begrudge how some sprouts that have bought skips fumble all over the place, i really wish there was a little bit of a lower entry for people to experience the shb story. because it is SO GOOD. (but at the same time, well... would it be as nerve-wracking if we hadn't gotten those years of being The Big Damn Hero?)

idk the answer to that. writing good tho. writing very good
ShB has been really capitalizing on like "your character has a history" so i think skipping to it would diminish that, but also like... man, you really gotta cash in on that "it's worth it, trust me" to get your friends all the way to the payoff
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(also shoutout to ffxiv for skipping the "is it really worth fighting nazis" conundrum and just going "it fucking sucks but yes actually")
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YEAH..... idk maybe we bribe them with glamour items so they get an immediate hit of the true endgame of fashion and then get swept up in the story :blobthonkang:

honestly... it's gotten heavy... but i'm kinda glad it's gotten heavy. like... as the world has changed around it, that faultless optimism would be ringing pretty hollow. instead we're being given a story about doubting yourself and still trying your best to save and to heal and to help because the life of you and the lives of those around you are precious and valuable. and that is fucking great.

but i may also be biased because it is SO easy to see that final confrontation of shb as "you can't just judge large categories of people by telling them that their quality of life is shit and therefore you can kill them, no matter what they try to say about this" and that definitely stirs my little disabled heart, even while the rest of me can admit emet-selch has this tragic foxy grandpa thing going on
i almost feel like the world just kinda coincidentally made what FF14 was always about suddenly way more relevant haha

it's weird to see a writer take those themes that seriously and even weirder to see it in a video game, there's like this actual emotional maturity that you just never fuckin see in any sort of fantasy setting writing anymore

(or in any fantasy gamers ayyyyy)
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like usually everyone starts with "war is hell" and just leaves it there for the pathos, and this fuckin jrpg mmo where you can play as catgirls is fuckin "war is hell, it never gets better, you build up scars like you're starting a collection, and here's all the reasons we don't regret doing it anyway" and it's weirdly powerful

i hope the ShB writer just becomes the main writer now
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that ShB trailer that just starts with the WoL fuckin stumbling around being crushed by the weight of his own ptsd is like probably really weird to most people but everyone who's been here since 2.0 is fuckin feeling it
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and you know that as we get in to more of this nier automata crossover event

that oddly uplifting existentialism is only gonna INTENSIFY
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Nothing matters but we fight on anyway because *friends,* dammit!
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the DRK storyline resolving as "all this shit is worse than anyone should ever have to experience, and also i'd do it all again in a heartbeat" is honestly really fuckin heavy and i will never get over it
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YEAH.... like, they're real ballsy at just Going There. hell, i remember going 'wow that's unexpectedly spicy' at yotsuyu's backstory because i think it's very easy to read it as a critique of the korean "comfort women", which is... kind of a hot button topic in japan to even acknowledge.

it's fucking great. and i wish her name did not consistently slip out of my head but i also hope that the lead writer for shb stays around. she has done some really phenomenal work and i really hope they keep her around to steer the ship, too. (also didn't surprise me to hear that she wrote the steppe bit of stormblood, which was also a favourite)
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Content warning: ShB spoilers

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Content warning: this is 100% facetious

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I *just* upgraded to v2.5.4 exactly three days ago and it never fails!

It always requires a big download followed by a complete install which always makes me leary of an in-process failure. In fact, There always does seem to be some hiccup such as open files it says can't be updated but I have backups so I've always beeen able to safely ignore that (Not finding any such offending processes when I actually look).

Next thing I'm going to be getting notifications from F-Droid that # needs to be upgraded too, but at least that will be painless.

Using these two together, one on Android and # on Desktop OSes, while keeping everything synched up on a private # server or # private, encrypted # repos, well.... it just rocks!

One could keep their .kdbx files on something like # as well.
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wait, synced in a git repo? I've been using the old keepass2 for the webdav/https functionality, and this sounds much better.

New: "In this video, we are looking at Releax OS 0.5 Beta."

Diversas fotografías circularon en redes sociales y medios de comunicación este miércoles, en las que se ve a Piñera en una reunión en La Moneda, junto a los ministros Gonzalo Blumel, Karla Rubilar y el cuestionado jefe de asesores Cristián Larroulet, 👉

Goodnight, Netizens.
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holy shit, it's already that time? good night, bubs.

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Awesome KDE Akademy shirt looks awesome!

Get yours:
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Where did I say it's free? 😄
in the url!

and just so you know, i was kidding of course 😀

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KemoNine pleroma (AP)

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the washington foreskins
@flowless2 the washington knobtoppers

Content warning: Climate change, good news

Content warning: re: Climate change, good news

Content warning: re: Climate change, good news

Content warning: re: Climate change, good news

Content warning: re: Climate change, good news

Die Reichen rund um den Globus haben vor der Corona-Krise ihr Vermögen kräftig gemehrt. Dazu trugen auch gestiegene Aktienkurse bei. Ob der Boom in diesem Jahr so weitergeht, ist aber noch nicht ausgemacht. # # # # # # #

Canek diaspora
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Why do you think we have "participation trophies" in elementary schools? It's to train young minds that rewards come from authority when you do what they tell you to do. Personal effort is not a factor in achievement. Loyalty and conformity are the only factors involved. Trade unions are structured in exactly the same way. You get a raise by conforming to standards and not rocking anybody's boat. It makes no difference how good you are at the job. That's why there is "demoralization". Nothing you do matters as long as you are loyal and you conform. It creates the mindset of helplessness and kills people's hope. It's pure evil IMHO.

what needs to be understood is that the journalist / media personality / Published Author class live on twitter, and getting qt dunked is the closest most of them have ever come to experiencing repercussions. it's all real to them. when you send them the pig poop balls pic they will look at it and they will cry
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Content warning: Give money to Black people.

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it's time for 90s epic trance to make a comeback

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i'm trying to make an org chart for a small business??
oh, i'm sorry for leaping in without context. yeah it seems thoughtful. i was thrown off for reasons posted in another toot.

El Libertario (VE): **ENCOVI 2019-2020: Perfil nutricional de Venezuela semejante al de países empobrecidos de África**

"Elvia Gómez (El Ucabista) Según la más reciente Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Vida (ENCOVI), la pobreza de ingresos afecta a 96% de los hogares y la multidimensional a 64,8%. Este último indicador se incre…"

# #

'Valencell’s US8923941 covers methods of generating data relating to blood oxygen level, heart rate, and other physical activity. [...] judge the obviousness of these three remaining claims."

" # is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 223."

Memes are death by 1000 cuts. Real feelings have nuance.

Memeification destroys nuance.
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pfft, nobody gives a shit about feelings these days.

"The situation is actually far worse than this; most people don’t use randomly generated passwords because they are hard to generate and hard to remember." Or upload their passwords to the Clown.

"So he started to look for a software solution to get him the rest of the way. Luckily the MODX runs Linux, and Yamaha has made good on their GPL responsibilities"

"There are some older videos on the channel, too, including some GNU Radio material. We hear some of the upcoming videos will have some new GNU Radio content, too, including some on the GNU Radio implementation for Android."

In # about 1 in 30 people now confirmed to have #

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