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Still working on making things better :mastodon:
love u!!!!!

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Multilingualism is a lie created by big language
A home made graph, with language comprehension along the y axis (up) and time along the x axis (left). English comprehension is fairly high, before dropping suddenly in a long swooping fall. At the point English suddenly turns down, German comprehension begins creeping up. The end result, if you add comprehension of both languages together, is poorer grasp over all than if I'd never started learning another language.
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Only if you pick languages that don't complement each other ;) I remember reading somewhere that some positions at the UN requires people to speak at least 3 languages but from 3 different roots.
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That sounds like a good plan actually, I'll get it gives you a different perspective as well as being generally useful.

tfw you were in the pocket hammock first and you will NOT be moving just because your brother thinks it's his turn :blobangery:
Two rats crammed into a pocket hammock together. The one on bottom is getting his face squished by his brother sitting on top of him, making him appear to have a disgruntled facial expression. It's cute.
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Ante la huida de España del rey Juan Carlos Borbón / Pedro A. García Bilbao Colectivo al Servicio de la República ASR 04/08/20

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cat content
a grey tabby cat with a white chin and "beard" is sitting in a cardboard box, face partially obscured by a flap of the box. its pink lower lip looks like a slight mlem
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Die Google-Mutter zählt zu den liquidesten Unternehmen, nutzt aber die derzeitigen Niedrigzinsen. Das Geld soll u.a. in Umwelt- und Sozialprojekte fließen. # # # #

Zu hohe Nachfrage und zu niedriges Angebot: AMD kann nicht genügend Zen-2-Kombiprozessoren an PC-Hersteller liefern. Notebooks sind teils schlecht verfügbar. # # # # # #

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Moderación de contenidos en Internet debe cumplir con estándares internacionales de derechos humanos: Grupo de Trabajo de “Infodemia” del Foro Información y Democracia (Foro I&D).

# # #

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"I was OK with it when my Gummint only helped these abductions along in *other countries* where I could just ignore it but now it's gone TOO FAR oh and also I'm a xenophobic shitstain lol. 🌊 🌊 🌊 "
These are not feeling I have had... I agree those actions taken elsewhere are bad as well.

Ein fast 25 Jahre altes Gesetz hat es US-Unternehmen untersagt, Satellitenbilder von Israel in höchster Auflösung zu zeigen. Das wurde nun geändert. # # # # #

This week's project is being up to 25% less spiteful & up to 25% more helpful. Or I might just space out and watch old murder mysteries every night until I fall asleep. I haven't quite decided.
well ... yes. it's easy to get it mixed up.

in my small experience, the best things to let go are bad feelings, grudges, injustices done to you, and so on- i'm thinking mostly of "internal" stuff ...

remembering the who the jerks are is another matter, these are more external obstacles to be avoided.

i can see how it might be easy to get things mixed up. maybe looking at it as discarding those things you might obsess over instead of being aware of the present time ...

dunno- i struggle myself with these very same issues
There are days where I literally have to chant "No no no!" under my breath to short-circuit going down one of those roads yet again. I mean, I can't afford therapy so something has to be done.

Varias regiones de #🇧🇴 se mantienen en paro general exigiendo que se realicen las elecciones presidenciales el próximo mes de septiembre

English: 'Hoax.'
Esperanto: 'Mistifiki.'
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Apple will genau kontrollieren, welche Apps sich als Standard-Browser und E-Mail-Client auf iPhones anbieten dürfen. # # # # #

Seit Jahren waren Tablet-Verkaufszahlen rückläufig. Weil mehr Menschen im Home-Office arbeiten, werden Tablets nun laut Marktforschern wieder beliebter. # # # # # #

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@stux hey my friend ♥
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Auf dem mit Abstand wichtigsten Einzelmarkt der deutschen Autokonzerne Volkswagen (inklusive Audi und Porsche), Daimler und BMW geht der Absatz wieder aufwärts. # # # # # #

Our Glorious Leader @bgcarlisle is presenting tomorrow at 8pm UTC.

We'll be going into medical studies, ethics, and making drugs 😎

I think I need to uhh ... manage expectations regarding how glorious I am, but otherwise this message is true hahaha
What's said has been said

ESA project focuses on merging satellite data for water management and drought forecasting

heise+ | Python: Einfache grafische Bedienoberfläche mit Tkinter erstellen

Fenster, Buttons und Menüs machen ein Python-Tool für Nutzer viel attraktiver. Mit der Bibliothek Tkinter geben Sie etwa einem Login-Programm ein Gesicht. # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Weil der EuGH das Privacy-Shield-Abkommen gekippt hat, kündigt Google an, auf Standarddatenschutzklauseln zu setzen. Fraglich, ob die rechtlich haltbar sind. # # # # #

Me río de mí, imaginate de vos.


Buenos días, antes que todo.
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Content warning: Letizia causa un incendio en las redes tras la salida de España de su suegro - ESdiario.

“The Internet is for vigorous debate!”

Nah man, chill... the Internet is for, like, pirating MP3’s and posting memes. This isn’t the Parisian salon or whatever you want it to be.
Good morning, Internet debaters [cw face]
Garak for DS9: You’re free to have whatever delusions you want, but remember you’re only embarrassing yourself by sharing them.
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If I only posted things with no embarrassment potential, though. I mean that doesn't leave much. o_0

04/08/20: Formerly US$10/pr, now US$12/any 2 pr from any listing, free shipping in contiguous USA. Surgical steel earwires, various body metals. All handmade by me. DM for questions / details. $tarlimanjoppos or PayPal
Four pairs of maille earrings, surgical steel earwires, colors in anodized aluminum: 1 - black and blue roundmaille; 2 - stainless steel roundmaille with green beads; 3 - Bees orbital weave in orange with bright aluminum idles; 4 - black over gold byzantine
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Zusammen mit der Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence will die AI-Messe automatica Antworten rund um E-Health, Mobilität und Arbeitswelt geben. # # # # # #

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El Atlas de las nubes - 2012

Varias historias se desarrollan en diversas líneas temporales, pero, aunque son independientes y tienen lugar a lo largo de cinco siglos, todas están relacionadas y repercuten en las demás, lo que desata drama, misterio, acción y amor.
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Me encanta esa película, la de veces que la habré visto ya :blobaww: :blobaww: :blobaww:
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Don’t Let Endianness Flip You Around

Most of the processor architectures which we come into contact with today are little-endian systems, meaning that they store and address bytes in a least-significant byte (LSB) order. Unlike in the past, when big-end…

Original tweet :

Content warning: El rey Juan Carlos I se instala en República Dominicana

Friends, please send @nein09 sea creatures because it’s her birthday.

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Acabo de ver un video genial, del canal de YouTube "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell", es una historia sobre la vida después de la muerte, es completamente profundo. Noto que a pesar de ser sólo una historia para pensar, no es completamente bien recibida por la comunidad, tal vez por un contenido estrictamente laico, lo que convierte ésto en una especie de "herejía" (Para distintas religiones), pero desde mi punto de vista, creo que realmente vale la pena verlo:
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Si. Es muy lindo 🤗. Me encantó desde hace años y cada vez que lo veo, me gusta más 💕.
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Los tipos me encantan en la claridad de TODO lo que explican, pero este entra en el top 5

Die Lieferung von bis zu 50 Omnibussen mit Brennstoffzellenantrieb für die Jahre 2021 bis 2025 haben die Verkehrsbetriebe von Hamburg ausgeschrieben. # # # # #

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A ver si os centráis ahora una miaja, nenes, que no puede ser que el Juancar me robe el casito también a mí como le pasó a Ainhoa 😒
Enga, adivinad quién es el guapetón y ganaréis un montón de nada con lacito :blobpeek:
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sueño con albóndigas, conejito. Se me va la olla.
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Yo sueño con pastelerías y el sabor de hojaldre con nata, Levi, podemos turnarnos la camisa de fuerza :blobpats:


Forschern ist es bereits zum zweiten Mal gelungen, die unsichere Funkkommunikation einer Abus-Alarmanlage zu manipulieren. Sicherheitsupdates? Fehlanzeige. # # # # #
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