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"Bueno al menos aquí se está tranquilo".

Tsutomu Yamaguchi (09/08/1945).
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No lo conocía, he mirado quién era y no comprendo cómo, además, no le tocó el Loto 7. Increíble.

Content warning: Quiet, perfectly legal psyops towards government officials (1/3) :boost_ok:

⭐️Cool Rat Facts⭐️

-rats name their babies
-rats are ticklish and younger/baby rats like when you tickle them
-mother rats tickle and sing to their babies
-rats giggle when they are tickled
-you can teach rats to do tricks, and also litter box train them
-humans sense of taste is most identical to a rats
-rats want to hang out with you, they're curious about the world and also they want your attention

and most importantly:

❤️Rats love you❤️
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I'm thinking that if the fediverse had more /edit/ functionality. Like the ability to set a post from public to private, something like could be useful to take things out of public circulation while keeping them for ones own exocortex.

(Assuming the Fediverse ever became non-horrible at browsing through a long timespan of posts.)

Faut bien que quelqu'un fasse le job !
Miguela diaspora
Dégueulasse ! pas un poil de conscience !

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"1 hour of David Lynch listening to rain, smoking and reflecting on art"

"Created for concentration/meditation purposes. "
Zoë :meowartist: mastodon (AP)
better have some lofi beats or something.
siege mastodon (AP)
David Lynchfi beats to concentrate / mediatate to

So you need more database connections and Postgres is excited to get to know PgBouncer BUT

...isn’t there someone you’re forgetting to ask? mmmmm, Docker?
I am, I’ll move off Docker I promise

here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first 40-ish seconds of my bojack horseman my chemical romance house of wolves AMV

WARNING: random out-of-context spoilers for the entirety of bojack horseman
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I think the scenes chosen so far are a good fit.

I also like the fire overlay, but hoping to see what it feeds into after
i totally changed that part lol

Super Tomate diaspora
moi j'dis un bon Grog
ça soigne tous ,ça

un bon coup de gnole et hop ça repart comme en 14 hips !
et par grand froid ça empêche de geler
Miguela diaspora
Il est temps de se prendre soi-même en charge !

use image captions please

Did Moriarty ever end up going anywhere with the "the rich are evil and make society objectively worse for everyone" stuff, or did that just end up being a setup to get him into a rich family?

I dunno what (prob cishet white) ass made an... abbreviation? for #accessibility that is a11y or whatever. It is impossible to read and makes no sense and looks like the word ally which really pisses me off. Please never use this. I hate it.

#dyslexic #actuallyAutistic #PoC
What are the 1s even for? It's not intuitive at all.
when I brought up the same thing about its use in mastodons development I was told that the 11 is because there are 11 letters removed.

It is still a terrible terrible abbreviation that should never be used. i18n is supposed to be internationalisation in the same way and is also terrible.
Yeah, for some reason FOSSbro types like to bring up the reason behind it, like somehow that just makes it's super reasonable and shouldn't change for any reason like it's bloody unreasonable and comically inaccessible
that has always bugged me too

Bueno al menos aquí se está tranquilo

Super Tomate diaspora

H-Burns - Midlife 🎵🎧

#music #H-Burns
Super Tomate diaspora
Oui ca passe bien 😉
Miguela diaspora
Super Nad !!!! merci ❤❤Super Tomate 😀

Bonne nuit à vous là-bas ...

Is there a good page describing “Informed Consent” in the context of trans* HRT healthcare that I can send to mundane cis audience?
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connor mastodon (AP)
this might not be exactly what you’re looking for but plume has a page they sent me that outlined the informative bit of informed consent quite well?
neutral cis or transphobic cis? As in, did they make up their minds already?

Viele erwarten sich vom Machtwechsel in Washington auch einen außenpolitischen Kurswechsel der USA. Vor allem China darf darauf aber nicht hoffen, wie der designierte US-Außenminister Antony Blinken deutlich machte.

#AnthonyBlinken #USA #Außenpolitik #China #Iran #Russland #Türkei #US-Senat

💬 #ElMañanaDeChile | @PatoMedinaJ sobre presidenciales: "La unidad es fundamental porque en este escenario tan difuso, donde vemos que hay una cantidad de gente que sale a votar por el apruebo, no sé como se va a comportar esa ciudadanía a la hora de elegir los representantes"

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Recorro cada rincón de tu anatomía con la paciencia y el detenimiento de quien prepara lentejas rellenas.

* Enviar a todas.
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Content warning: funds needed, please boost

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Recuerdo de Mar del Plata

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#EnVideo 📹 | COVID-19: Venezuela registra 670 casos comunitarios, 3 importados y suma 113.652 sanaciones


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Ahora si, mastil de 2m con antena onda corta longwire y VHF para TV. #camping #vhf #shortwave #tv
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Gabriel friendica
campamento con tv? mas alla del logro tecnológico, que admiro ¿no es perder una oportunidad de conexión con lo que nos rodea?
Santiago mastodon (AP)
la idea es valorar tambien la tecnologia analogica y vivir unos dias sin internet, pero nadie dijo sin radiofrecuencias... Trajimos tambien la estufa/cocinilla a kerosen y fosforos... igualmente conectamos con lo que nos rodea y de noche miramos un ratito de tele. Un camping totalmente agreste haremos en otro momento, sin nada, cuando sean mas grandes capaz, en algun lugar mas alejado.

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Es el momento carnaval carioca del DISPO

💬 #ElMañanaDeChile | @karina_ol: "Me parece interesante como acción política lo que ocurre con Paula Narváez, me parece que es un llamado de atención desde las mujeres del PS (...) hay un liderazgo que quiere recomponer ese proceso de transformación que se vio truncado"

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